Our requirement. 

We need English speaking volunteers from all over the world, especially from countries such as America, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, etc... who could help us together in different programs.

We DO NOT REQUIRE a Teaching Certificate, but do prefer you to have some experience of teaching. However, if you have no experience but are passionate about helping our students, we're more than willing to help you get to grips with teaching.

To support our volunteers with their teaching and preparation we have a number resources available, including: class books, teacher's book (very detailed on how to teach lessons in the language centre), flashcards, media, CDs, game ideas and other ideas to make their classes more exciting. Along with discussing fun ideas with your fellow volunteers and us.

Upon completion you will be provided a certificate and letter of recommendation.

*** REQUIRE***: Because the children get familiar with the teachers, we're prefer volunteers who can stay for two (02) months at least. The volunteer will gain a huge and deeper teaching experiences if they want to become a qualitified teacher in the future. We will pay for Vietnam visa if the volunteer commits to help us out for a full three (03) month period.

How to apply?

To apply to our program, please follow the instructions below:

1. Send your CV/Resume to our email: info@vcv.vn or volunteer@vcv.vn

2. We will contact you via email with an attached application form within 3 days

3. Please fill out the application form then send the completed application form back to our above email address.

4. We will confirm about acceptance or not within 1 day.




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