About Us:

Founded in October of 2014, we are a social enterprise for educational development, cultural exchange, and international cooperation based in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

VCV specializes in helping Vietnamese students with their English language skills specifically pronunciation and conversational grammar. 

As of 2017, VCV has impacted the lives of over three hundred Vietnamese children in Hanoi, 200 Vietnamese students in the Hanoi outskirts, and over 400 Vietnamese adult learners. VCV has hosted over two hundred traveling English speaking volunteers and continues to grow.

Our Mission:

We believe that education is fundamental to sustainable development, therefore our aim is to create an open and fair learning environment for all our participants to learn. At many universities in Vietnam, students learn a lot of English grammar but rarely are they taught to correctly speak and converse in English. Once they graduate, then, they have difficulties finding employment in the best paying jobs, because these jobs often require these English language skills.

We aim to provide our students with a low-cost opportunity to improve their conversational English speaking skills and learn native pronunciation that will help them find a good job. Additionally, through VCV classes and activities we hope to improve our students overall well-being through increased confidence with the English language. 

Our Founder 

Ms Hay, the compassionate and much loved founder of VCV, is from Hung Yen province, she began studying English in high school. She moved to Hanoi for university where she continued her English studies. Although Ms Hay studied English, due to the price of classes and scarcity of native, foreign English speakers, even after over 10 years of English language study Ms Hay did not feel confident in her listening and speaking abilities. This lack of confidence in speaking and listening is common in most Vietnemese English learners. 

Seeing a need for conversational English practice and foreign exchange with native speakers, Ms Hay founded VCV in 2014 in Hanoi. Ms Hay's long term goal is to develop a VCV program in the Hung Yen high school and continue to grow VCV programs throughout Vietnam. The next programs are taking shape in Hung Yen and Son La. 

Our Students
VCV students are diverse in age and background. We strive to make English language education available to all students without regard for their economic status or background. As such, we offer subsidized classes to welcome students from disadvantaged backgrounds; additionally, we provide classes for business professionals looking to improve their working English.

Our Volunteers
Our English speaking volnteers serve as the most important part of the VCV organization.  Working side by side with the diverse population of VCV students, get a unique experience sharing their knowledge and immersing themselves in Hanoi. English speaking volunteers serve as the integral element in VCV, fulfilling the educational and cultural development of our students and creating an environment that supports the English language learning process.

Our volunteers are provided with a good quality of life during their stay in Vietnam. In exchange for their time and knowledge, volunteers gain first hand experience teaching English as a foreign language.Our full-time staff also works on hand at the volunteer apartment to provide the volunteers with a tidy space to live and work. 

The VCV staff, including Ms Hay, are helpful and go out of their way to make volunteers comfortable during their stay. Often times the staff are willing to help with acquiring SIM cards, renting motorbikes, and helping volunteers discover sites of Hanoi not well trod by your average traveller. Additionally, three authentic Vietnamese meals are provided and cooked in accordance with individual dietary needs every day.

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