1. Project in Hanoi city.

1.1 Hanoi Language Centre. We offer classes in the three locations in Hanoi: volunteer apartment, a local language centre, and a school in the outskirts of Hanoi

1.1.1. A local language center.

  • These classes are more structured, so you'll be able to apply your existing experience in a new environment or gain lots of teaching experience in a welcoming atmosphere.
  • A great introduction if you are looking to teach professionally in the future. 
  • Throughout your class a Vietnamese will be on hand to help you explain lesson plans to the children. 
  • There are detailed teacher book guides for these classes for you to follow, if you wish.
  • The age of the students is 5-13 years old. 
  • You'll be teaching them: pronunciation, conversational English, new words and some grammar. 
  • The children are very nice, enthusiastic and eager to learn; they have some experiences with learning English previously.

1.1.2. Volunteer Apartment

  • In our volunteer home area, we run very low price and free classes.
  • You'll help: the unemployed and disadvantaged youths better their chances in improving their lives; university students looking to improve their english to increase their future job prospects; business professionals hoping to be more competitive in the work place; and any one else that we can find! 
  • This is a great environment to exchange culture, meet new people and gain teaching experience for children and adults.
  • Class ages are from from children to adults. 
  • Topics are varied and there is plenty of opportunities to share your experiences, exchange language skills, and gain knowledge of our culture and way of life. 
  • The students are enthusiastic learners, very friendly and always eager to help out our volunteers..
  • The students regularly offer to guide our volunteers and we organise weekly day trips to various sites around and near Hanoi. 

1.2. Hanoi Outskirts

  • Here you will be teaching English to rural children living in the outskirts of Hanoi. 
  • This is not only about teaching them English but also providing cultural exchange and sharing sharing experiences. 
  • Many of these children have little experience with foreign culture, so this is a great benefit and opportunity for these rural communities to expand their horizons and gain exposure to people of a different background. 

1.3. What else will you do?

1.3.1. Weekly teambuilding/job skills development at local coffee shop/weekly social gathering in the volunteer apartment.

  • A GREAT WAY for Cultural Exchange
  • This is a less formal opportunity to share experiences with our students and make friends. 
  • We aims to increase their conversational abilities and to increase their skills for the work place. 
  • Outside of working at the café, students participate in workshops, team building exercises, watching films and other activities to make them a more attractive candidates to employers.
  • This is the perfect opportunity if you have any work experiences/skills to share with the students.

1.3.2. Social outing.

  • A GREAT WAY TO EXPLORE VIETNAM and participate in cultural exchanges through the local people, foods and customs.
  • We take weekly day trips to local sites.
  • Another chance to socialise with the students in a more relaxed setting outside of the classroom. 

1.3.3. Learning Vietnamese. 

  • We can help our volunteers to learn Vietnamese, if they want.

1.3.4. Serve under privileged communities of Hanoi.

  • We are raising a fund to help the homeless and under privileged people living in Hanoi
  • We support them by providing food, water and milk to get them through difficult times.
  • Volunteers will see many aspects of life in Ha Noi, meet many people in different situations, and learn about their problems.
  • 1-2 times per month

2. Project in Son La province.

Son La Project- The VCV exchange in Son La is our organizations newest project and began in the spring of 2017. Located 320km to the northwest of Hanoi and 600-700m above sea level, the very fresh air, temperate climate, rivers, forests, and nearby caves make Son La a nature lover’s paradise. In addition to the incredible natural beauty of the province, Son La one of the most culturally diverse regions in Vietnam and is home to nearly 30 unique ethnic groups.

VCV volunteers in Son La teach local youth in an English language center with provided curriculum. Volunteers teach between 10-15 hours per week in exchange for all food and accommodation. All transportation to and from the language center is provided for the convenience of the VCV volunteers.

Volunteers living in Son La City share a furnished multi-story house with Wi-Fi, a restroom, and a kitchen and will live in walking distance to the local market, a coffee shop, and also a pharmacy. Accommodation for VCV volunteers will be basic separated dorm rooms for male and female volunteers. Three volunteer meals are provided daily and are shared with a Vietnamese family and/or other staff from the language center.  As there are few English speakers, living in Son La is a true cultural exchange off the beaten path of the average tourists. 

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